7 Best Time Management Apps for College Students

May 24, 2021

Time wasted cannot be returned, but it can be used productively: knowledge of the basic principles of time management, as well as related applications, will help. Here are the top applications for time management.

1. Smarter Time

Some things, such as social networks, take up so much of our valuable time just because we don’t realize exactly how many minutes and hours we spend on them. The result is stress and burnout. The application helps to keep track of the time we invest in various cases to consciously establish a balance. In particular, such analytics are useful for scheduling, concentration training, goal setting, and even tracking sleep duration.

Details: Android; free, has paid content.

2. Sectograph

Another option for visualizing plans – this time in the form of a dial. Simply create work and personal to-do lists – the app retrieves data from Google Calendar and displays it on a 12-section chart. This, as the developers announce, “sharpens the sense of time.”

Details: Android; free, has paid content.

3. One Big Thing

The application is simple, but it can be very useful for those who find it difficult to prioritize things: it allows you to choose one of the most important tasks and reminds you of it during the day. This is an online version of the usual stickers, which helps to use in their work the well-known principle of time management “1-3-5”: 1 “big” case, 3 “medium” and 5 small.

Details: IOS; free, has paid content.

4. Planner from Agnessa Studio

This application has several useful tools – a scheduler, goals, organizer, notebook, reminders, calendar, and more. In particular, it is convenient to follow the popular principle of time management – “divide the elephant into parts”, i.e. any task can be broken down into subtasks. It gives an understanding of the steps that need to be taken to achieve the goal.

Details: Android; free, has paid content.

5. Pomodoro Timer

An application for those who practice the technique of time management “Pomodoro”. You need to create a list of tasks, choose one to perform – and start a 25-minute timer. During this time you need to do something. Then – 3-5-minute rest, then – a new cycle. Every 4 intervals – a long break (up to 30 minutes). The main thing is not to be distracted by trifles during focused work and not to ignore rest so as not to lose productivity.

Details: Android; free.

6. Kanban Tool

The tool is based on the ideas of the Japanese kanban system. The interface consists of “boards” on which tasks and projects are displayed. Especially convenient for teamwork: tasks are easy to create and move, and changes are immediately visible to everyone involved in the project.

Details: Android, IOS; free.

7. Pocket

Interesting content that accidentally comes into view distracts from important matters – such as articles, videos, and other materials. This application allows you to save pages in one click to see them later when you have free time.

Details: Android, IOS; free, has paid content.

Time-Saving Pieces of Advice

Apps are, of course, great at facilitating your time management efforts. However, many things go into this, and it’s not only about having some apps on your phone. You won’t get a lot of use out of them if you’re not having the right approach.

It is impossible to keep up everywhere. But by organizing your day properly, you can do much more than usual. We have prepared a few tips to help you effectively manage your time.

Delegation or Simplification of Difficulties

Sometimes, it’s better to delegate your responsibilities to someone else, like an essay editor, because there are those who can help you do some of your tasks. Otherwise, you can simplify a complex task, by dividing it into several stages and approaching it structurally.

Notating Things Down

You should not be afraid to use paper and pen to make notes, make plans, draw diagrams and graphs. All this will help to determine the pros and cons, as well as the priority and sequence of your tasks.

Objective Assessment of Own Capabilities

Evaluate your skills and abilities objectively. It is important to realize what your strengths are and what you need to work on more.

Address an Important Task at Least Once A Day

Want to feel like you’re moving forward – do one important thing every day. If this is a very big deal, do it for a while every day to move forward in the solution and move towards completion. The process itself will bring you a sense of self-satisfaction and self-confidence.

Decision Making

It is important to make specific and definite decisions. Don’t be afraid of your choice, just do it. Give yourself tasks and complete them. Over time, if you do this regularly, it will become easier to organize yourself and your time.

Reward Yourself for Doing the Job

It is necessary to consolidate the result, to thank yourself. Next time it will be even faster, even better. The reward can be watching a movie, visiting an exhibition, a delicious healthy dessert, but do not reward yourself with food constantly, as well as a walk, anything that brings you pleasure. Be proud of yourself.

It is Important to Learn to Say “Yes” and “No”

Say “yes” to everything new: new opportunities, new alternatives, new experiences, new knowledge, new ideas. It is important not to be afraid to say “no” if something does not suit you or contradicts your personality.

Dream and Plan on a Large Scale

Do not restrain yourself in your dreams. You always have to strive for something bigger. You should not be afraid that something will not be fully realized, therefore, you should go to the goal and work on your goals. Every step forward is a victory.

Communicate with Successful People

Communicating with successful people adds inspiration, as well as helps your own growth and development, encourages you not to stop there.

Raise the Bar

Did you do something? Great, you need to try better, faster, more efficient, better. It is important to enjoy the process itself, to celebrate every victory, every step forward.

Say No to Perfection

Choose as your main credo the catchphrase “Perfect is the enemy of good”. Of course, you should strive for perfection, but it is not necessary to do everything perfectly. It will take a lot of your time and effort, which will not always be appreciated. By working on something quickly and steadily, sooner or later you will still come to perfection. The main thing is not to give up and be persistent.

Plan your Day in The Evening

Plan your tomorrow, make a schedule and write it down in your diary. Yes, the diary is needed not only by people who work in the office and businessmen. A diary is a helper to fight for free minutes. Thanks to the notebook you will not forget about important matters, and less significant simply “filter”.

Divide your Business into Categories

All daily, weekly, monthly cases can be divided into 5 categories. These are self-care, household chores, work, free time, and sleep. This way, your time will be under your control and you will control every minute.

Concentrate on One Thing

You do not need to follow the example of Julius Caesar, even if you are good at several things at once. Rather, you will not cope with them, do not succumb to illusions. To accomplish a specific task, mobilize all your forces and try to do it as well and quickly as possible.

Be Sure to Get Some Sleep

After a good night’s sleep, you will be able to be energetic throughout the day. Sleep supports youth, beauty, and health. Don’t neglect them.

Learn to Separate the Important Things

This will help you immensely. What is more important – to cook dinner or watch a TV series? Washing or walking around the city? You need to determine the important thing. And leave the secondary for later. And remember the “golden” rule: do not put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

Add No More Than 6 or 7 Main Things in the Plan of The Day

The most important thing is that your to-do list is realistic. Do not overload yourself in the beginning. 6-7 successfully completed tasks per day – this is a victory that will bring you great pleasure.

Never Give Up

With time, time management can become second nature to you. As a result, you’ll get all the more use out of the time management apps on your phone!


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