6 Quick tips for better ignition coil repairs

November 3, 2022

Owning a car or any vehicle means you should have a little bit of knowledge of its main parts and accessories. For running a vehicle in a smooth manner, there are various devices in the engine as well that need to perform well. So, in this post, we are going to discuss the ignition coils that are an important part of an engine. You can also buy ignition coils from Boodmo as per your needs. Besides, below in this post, you will get the relevant details regarding ignition coils as well as tips for repairing them.

An overview of ignition coils :

In an engine, ignition coils are the electrical components that are responsible for amplifying voltage from the battery of a vehicle and sending the power to the spark plug. So, the main work of an ignition coil is to bring a high voltage from a low voltage. In ignition coils, along with the iron core, the main modules are the primary and second winding and some electrical connections as well.

Ignition coils are much important for the hassle-free performance of your vehicle. If these are not in good condition, then you may realize soon that there is some problem in your vehicle. In simple words, ignition coils produce a spark, and the vehicle starts and runs. Moreover, as you know, the battery in a vehicle produces low current voltage. So, this low voltage current is not enough to ignite the fuel and start the engine in an efficient manner. Hence, as a solution, these ignition coils are used for converting the low voltage current to a higher voltage current from the battery, ensuring the good performance of a vehicle.

Symptoms and cause of failure of Ignition coils :

The various symptoms of defective or faulty ignition coils are as follows :

1. Vehicle misfires

2. Engine of a vehicle does not start

3. Loss of power or poor acceleration

4. The warning lamp lights in the engine get on

5. Fault code is stored

6. Engine control unit shifts to limp-home mode

The causes of the failure of ignition coils are as follows :

1. Internal short circuits

2. Mechanical damage

3. Fault or some problem in the supply of voltage

6 Tips for better ignition coil repairs :

If there is some fault in the ignition coil then it can misfire and many times be responsible for the failure of an engine. You can contact an experienced professional mechanic to identify which ignition coil is causing the issue, and if needed, you can decide to repair or replace it. The ignition can be easily purchased from https://boodmo.com/catalog/4182-igniton_coil/ at very reasonable rates. Furthermore, below we are giving you some tips for better ignition coil repairs.

1. Elimination of boot from the coil should not be done – While repairing the ignition coils, you should never disassemble or eliminate the boot from the coil. The disassembling of the boot from the coil can be responsible for losing the spring or suppressor. This issue can be recognized with the RFI noise or when the engine misfires.

2. Use high-quality or durable ignition coils – You should look that the coils should not have any damage if visible, and the boot must be seated fully in an efficient manner. In case there is much damage in the coil while assembling coils to the engine that you can see, like broken anti-rotational tabs, cracks in coil housing, or broken connector, then you should use a new ignition coil. Moreover, if you will use a cracked or damaged ignition coil, then it can have very bad results, such as premature failure as well as an engine misfire. Hence, it is very vital to use the best quality ignition coil without any damage.

3. Lubricate the coils properly before installing them – Once you get the right coil then, you should compare the pigtail connections, length, and terminal pins. After that, to the inside tip of the ignition coil insulator boot, apply dielectric grease efficiently. Applying grease is important because it safeguards against dampness as well as aid in removal. Then, push the ignition coil into the spark plug and install it. You can also apply the electric grease to the connector or pigtail and make sure the connector tab lock onto the coil perfectly.

4. HV tower and coil housing should not be scratched – As per the experts, you should not scratch the coil housing or the HV towers. If you do so, then the ignition coil body may lead to a cracked HV tower or cracked case that can be responsible for the failure of the coil and affect the vehicle’s engine. You can also check the ignition coil online at https://boodmo.com/catalog/4182-igniton_coil/.

5. Don’t make use of hammers – When you install the plug wire to the coil HV tower then, you should not use hammers or other devices that may harm the coil. Always use your hand to do this type of work so that the coil remains safe. Also, at the coil HV tower, the striking procedure can prompt micro-cracking and can damage the plug wire terminal. All this can turn into the premature failure of the coil.

6. Protect the electrical connectors – You should not allow the sprayed materials or paint to enter the electrical connectors. It is essential to protect the electrical connectors so that the coil can work without any hassles. Apart from this, a Conductive-type spray may produce short electrical conditions, whereas an insulating-type spray can produce an open or high-resistance connection.

Final Words :

The engine is the main part of any vehicle, and ignition coils play a major role as well to ensure the smooth performance of a vehicle. You can repair the ignition coils easily by following the tips given above in the post to carry the process in an efficient manner. In addition to this, you should always use durable and reliable ignition coils if you are replacing the old ones. Hence, if you want to buy new ignition coils, then you can buy them at Boodmo with timely delivery.


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