6 Platforms Offering the Best HTML Courses

March 4

It is never too late to get started with coding. And the first move in your coding career is to learn HTML. Whether you are pursuing a career in technology or not, having knowledge of HTML can be valuable as a transferable skill to sell.

As a beginner, you want to take courses that make it easy for you to learn and understand the basics of HTML, as well as to apply them. Here are the five best platforms to get you started.

1. Udemy

When it comes to online courses, it is hard to beat the number of choices Udemy puts forth. The case is not so different with HTML. There are hundreds of courses that are targeted to anyone from complete beginners to advanced learners. You can also find specialized programs for the various applications of HTML.

For instance, there are training programs for those who want to build responsive websites, email templates, and different web components. You can pick a course that is best suited for your schedule as well. Most importantly, it is up to you to decide whether you want a free course or a paid one with a certificate.

2. CodeAcademy

As you can guess, this website is dedicated to training in coding and has a longstanding reputation in the programming community. The best part is that the HTML causes offered on this site are free. Moreover, the lessons are also designed to be interactive. Meaning, you get to practice your skills and get feedback from the trainers.

The lessons are split into two screens. While you enter the code on one side, the other part will display how your HTML file will work on the internet. The entire process is automated and marked, helping you to track your progress. There are also pro memberships that will give you access to additional resources. The only downside here is that CodeAcademy does not provide a completion certificate. So we recommend this for beginners to explore the HTML concepts.

3. Coursera

HTML is not only for designing websites. Once you are comfortable writing the language, you can combine it with CSS and take things up a notch. In fact, if you want to create immersive web experiences, let’s say to find your essay writer on EssayPro, you will have to learn aspects of CSS and Javascript as well. Coursera offers a comprehensive web design course that covers the basics of web development and coding specialization.

This training program teaches how to use syntactically correct HTML and CSS to create interactive web experiences with JS. But as you would guess, it would be best if you had a basic knowledge of HTML before getting started on this one. On the other hand, you can look at it as a well-rounded course for web development.

4. General Assembly Dash

If you are restricted by budget, General Assembly Dash is another website that offers free HTML projects on a beginner level. GA programs are more goal-focused and allow you to train in real-world applications right from the start. You will gain experience in building websites rather than merely going through theoretical concepts.

If you want to invest in the program, you can also go for an HTML course that offers mentorship. This allows you to obtain a completion certificate as well. That said, if you want to gain access to the full training program, you will have to sign up for a paid course.

5. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has an array of coding lessons offered on different programming languages, including HTML. Take any aspect of HTML – such as creating tables, working with images, using HTML for a marketing website, or creating a responsive site – you will find a detailed course for that on this website.

For coding learners, LinkedIn Learning is one of the most diverse platforms. Moreover, instead of paying for individual courses, you can register for membership on the platform and gain access to project files as well. The different tiers of membership determine what kind of access you get on each course. However, you will not be evaluated automatically by the system. If you need further input, you will have to reach out to the team for assistance.

6. Treehouse

At Treehouse, you have the option to choose between a certification course or a tech degree. The training programs offered are similar to other sites on the list, where you can learn through interactive lessons and track your progress.

A tech degree works as a boot camp that guides you through the different stages of courses in the Treehouse curriculum. In addition, it will also give you access to a portfolio of projects, workshops, quizzes, and other resources. You can also interact with the Treehouse community and get tips on your chosen field.

Like LinkedIn learning, Treehouse also has a membership plan instead of paying per course.

As HTML is the fundamental of bigger projects, you must have a firm grasp of both its theory and practical aspects. These six educational platforms can help you build your basic skills to get ahead in your coding career. Pick a course that best fits your goals, budget, and time constraint from the bevy of choices available.


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