5 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill

September 16, 2021

No matter where you live, you are likely paying more than you need to on your electricity bill. Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce the cost and save up for that holiday you’ve been craving. If you’re guilty of keeping your appliances on and rinsing your energy, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we will outline five ways that you can reduce your monthly energy bill.

Install a Ventilation System

Investing in Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) can help you get more from your energy. The system works by removing excess moisture whilst recovering heat. The head retention means that your home will be filled with clean air, but you won’t lose any heat.

Another benefit of having an MVHR installed is that there will be less moisture, which means mold and mildew will be reduced. Having a healthy and 25% more energy-efficient home is a win-win. To find out more, head over to BPC Ventilation.

Turn Off Appliances

Once you’ve finished using your appliances, how often do you switch them off at the wall? Believe it or not, you can save around 10% a year by switching off electricals and unplugging them when you’re done. In this day and age, you can invest in smart plugs so you can control them from your smartphone. Alternatively, you can spend less money by using self-timing plugs.

Use a Smart Thermostat

This one will always cause arguments – if you’ve ever lived in a houseshare, you’ll know. If your household is prone to leaving the heating on for the entire winter and watching your energy bills soar, you should invest in a smart thermostat. That way, you can set your heating to come on at set intervals during the day, and if any of your housemates try and pull a fast one you can put them in their place from your smartphone.

Reduce Draughts

What’s the point in spending money to heat your home if it’s just going to escape through the cracks in your foundation? Draught prevention can save you a potential £20 per year and will help keep your home toasty.

To defend your home, you should put draught-proof strips around the window frame. When it comes to the doors, you can invest in brush flaps for the bottom of the door and strips for the edges. If you don’t have a fireplace, ensure that you cover the chimney hole to block air coming in. You can also put foam strips into your loft to stop heat from escaping there.

Switch Supplier

If you’ve tackled the other issues and you’re still faced with high energy bills, it’s time to look at your supplier. Simply changing your supplier can help you save an astonishing £300. Unfortunately, you don’t get brownie points for staying loyal to energy providers.

Keeping energy prices down is a constant battle. However, with a few simple changes and cooperation from your household, you can watch your monthly outgoings decline.


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