5 Top Reasons to Move Your Business to Cloud Communication

July 24

If you have a business, it’s time to think about cloud communications. Businesses of all types and sizes are now taking this technology. It is expected that by 2025, this industry will hit the largest market size with 167.1 billion. This will result from the compounded 16.8 percent annual growth.

There are countless benefits to move your business data to the cloud – ease of access, low costs, and flexibility. In addition, this technology allows your company to be at the same level as your clients. This will be determined by high-security features and versatility making your business safe.

Moreover, cloud services have no limitation benefits to different businesses. It provides more valuable benefits to SMBs with unique needs.

In this post, we shall explore more of these benefits while shedding light on cloud communications.

Let’s get started:

Unified Cloud Communications

This term “Unified Communications” refers to a technology that allows your business to put all your communications options into one integrated frame. A good Unified Communications provider will build the framework from the existing infrastructure and network.

Moreover, the Unified Cloud controls phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more. This is why experts refer to it as a collection of services or tools designed to help increase your business productivity, adjust to business needs and cut costs. Therefore, these tools will integrate voice, data, and video.

That well said, if you opt to implement a unified approach, you will be getting seamless communications linking your staff, partners, and clients together through an easy-to-use cloud communications platform.

Putting unified Communications in your company has countless benefits for your business. Let’s explore some of these benefits:

1. Scalability

One of the benefits of shifting your business to cloud communication is scalability. This is because the technology will make scaling your business easier.

Hiring and removing employees in your business will be a hassle when you have an in-house system. This happens because all communications methods will be independent of each other.

When you implement unified communications services, things turn easier on your end. It will be easier to add or remove staff employees as needed.

Scalability, therefore, helps reduce the time you take to onboard an employee. You will find it more significant when your business is growing. Another great benefit is that it reduces the money spent on extra hardware you need to support the employees. Therefore eliminating stacks of servers leaving valuable space for your business.

2. Cutting Edge Solutions

Technology has rapidly improved in the last decade. Most industries have improved with technology, including IT.

Compare how different business operations have improved in less than a decade. You will realize there are countless tools added and easy to adapt.

Hiring a UC provider will keep your business updated on recent technologies. So, all your tools will be automatically updated to keep them up-to-date.

You will not need to spend much time trying to follow the recent trends or practices. If your Unified Cloud provider supports them, your business can too. These companies can easily perform the updates with minimal disruptions.

3. Ease of Budgeting

In every business, a budget is significant to help run the financial expenses. You need a budget to ensure your business is making a profit.

Nonetheless, implementing cloud communication gives you an added advantage on your budget. If you have to purchase extensive hardware, it will have a steep cost, particularly for a small business.

You can offset such costs by hiring a reliable unified cloud communication provider. This will help minimize upfront expenses, thus easy to manage your cloud system.

The other component that can help cut the cost of your business expenses is the predictable pricing model. Perhaps your business has invested in this equipment but failed. You should not pay thousands of dollars to purchase new hardware.

Instead, you can approach a UC provider to help solve such problems and inconveniences caused. So, data will be maintained and updated in their data centers.

4. Flexibility

When you implement unified cloud services, you can easily add or remove people from the software. However, these services will provide you with flexibility in other ways.

One of the ways you can get flexibility is because it is easy to integrate these tools to work with the APIs you use in your workflow. These APIs are essential because they allow employees to use UCaaS features together with other programs.

Therefore, in your business, it will streamline the process and simplify usage.

The additional flexibility your business can experience with UCaaS is an improved level of mobility to your employees.

Perhaps, the employees would like to spend time working at home due to various reasons such as recovery from an injury, a sick family member, or pandemic lockdown. When you use a cloud communication platform, it will make things easier for employees to access everything through their computers.

This is because most of these features are usually web-based. They will only need a computer and a reliable internet connection to work.

Moreover, it becomes easier to manage mobile devices and phones calls. This is because your employees will easily make calls displaying their business numbers to connect with other employees.

5. More Resources for SMBs

The other advantage of cloud services is to get resources that can provide your business a fortune. Some of these services are only affordable to bigger companies because they need huge investments.

If you look at all the tools used by UCaas providers, when you add up, your business could not afford them.

In addition to this, your business will also benefit from a seamless and flexible experience. Therefore, when you don’t have a UCaaS provider, it will be hard for your business to navigate multiple communication tools. These will be clunky and frustrating without a robust IT team that ensures everything runs smoothly.


Now you know that unified cloud communications are essential for your business. You only have to hire a reliable service provider.

Implementing UCaaS in your company makes the lives of your customers and employees easier.


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