5 Things You Need to Know About Wall Washer Light

August 2, 2022

As the name suggests, the function of a wall washer is to wash walls. But this is not the same as getting the walls clean. This refers to washing the wall with LED lights and spreading the LED light on the wall to highlight the target object. An aesthetic and functional wall washer involves several tricks. Here, we unveil the mystery of LED wall washer light for you. Let’s take a look together.

1. What Is Wall Washer Light?

A Wall washer light is one of the common LED lighting fixtures generally used for wall lighting. The Wall washer allows LED light to spread evenly across the wall. Making light spots on the wall to create a sense of atmosphere is also a common use of wall washer lighting. There are many types of LED wall washer lights, such as wall lights, floodlights, spotlights, flexible LED light strips, track lights, etc., which are suitable for a variety of walls. 

Wall washer light can attract people to a specific wall or highlight entrances, artworks, etc., and make the originally narrow space wider. Thus, applying wall washer lights on the interior and exterior walls of house buildings can bring wonderful lighting performance.

2. Why Illuminate Walls?

Most of the daily activities of human beings are based on head-up acquisition to obtain information. So it is more likely to look at the vertical plane of an object. Therefore, vertical wall lighting is the primary concern for capturing people’s vision. Moreover, LED lights on walls can highlight the three-dimensional sense of the visual space. 

Walls are good carriers of LED lighting. Emphasizing the LED lighting on the wall can highlight the main body of the building and bring people a new visual experience. The wall is not only a wall but also a structure that coexists with decoration and LED lighting design, reflecting the artistic and aesthetic sense of architecture and space. Use LED wall washer lighting reasonably and chose the correct wall lighting method. It can bring more possibilities to the wall.

3. When to Use Wall Washer Light?

First of all, we need to know that the object of wall washer light is indoor walls and outdoor building exterior walls. So if you want to brighten your walls or accentuate small decorative items on your walls, a wall washer light is the best light fixture. 

In the outdoors, LED wall washer lights are mainly used for landscape lighting, which is to outline large buildings. In the interior, it is more applied to highlight wall decorations and wall texture, creating a lighting atmosphere.

4. Wall Washer vs. Wall Grazing

The wall washer light allows the wall to be washed evenly by LED light; we already know that. Wall grazing is a wall lighting design derived from a wall washer. The biggest difference between wall grazing and wall washer is that wall grazing emphasizes the material and texture of the wall itself. It casts LED lights on the wall at small angles to accentuate a unique visual effect. The uneven texture of the wall itself is well represented by this wall lighting method.

Wall washer light emphasizes the uniformity of LED light, and the fixtures are often installed far away from the wall. However, wall grazing focuses on highlighting the texture of the wall, so the light fixtures used must be closer to the target wall. 

5. How To Build Wall Washer Lighting?

Using different LED lighting methods on the wall can make the wall show different effects. Wall washer lighting is the most widely used wall lighting method. It illuminates a vertical surface so that the LED light brightness on the target wall reaches a certain uniformity. The wall washer light makes the boundary outline of the illuminated area clearly visible, making the space appear more spacious and three-dimensional. 

How to create wall washer lighting? Believe this is the question you will ask. First, flexible LED wall washer strip lights provide uniform illumination of the wall. It is perfect for background wall lighting. The flexible wall washer LED strip light is hidden in the ceiling recess, and the LED light indirectly illuminates the whole room, bringing a softer lighting effect. Second, the decorative items on the wall are highlighted with spotlights. Spotlights are great wall washer fixtures. It can focus the LED light on the decorative items on the wall to grab our attention. Finally, rigid linear wall washer lights are often used to light buildings. This is a lighting method generally used in architectural lighting. 

When choosing the right fixtures for your home or commercial lighting, don’t forget LED wall washer lights. This indirect lighting greatly expands the space by bouncing LED light. Whether you want to brighten an entire wall or highlight wall decorations, LED wall washer lights are great options. 


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