5 Free HubSpot Tools You Probably Didn’t Know About

March 25, 2021

Created in early 2006, HubSpot now is a huge company, which unites the software, education, and community to assist the business growth. The company has managed to reach $674.9 million in revenue in 2019 and the HubSpot market share was estimated to be 29.13% of the whole marketing automation industry in 2020.

Today the team of developers makes more and more different tools to help website marketing improve. All these tools can greatly improve business revenue, boost customer retention, and increase brand awareness as well.

Needless to say, marketing products are crucial for reaching all the targets of any business. However, among the diversity of options available so far, there is always something you might have missed by chance. Perhaps, that’s the exact thing you were looking for right now?

So, in this article, we will discover the 5 free HubSpot marketing tools for boosting your business. Besides, you will get the overall idea about the benefits of each and find out the most suitable option.

Let’s get it started!

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1. HubSpot Academy – Boost Your Skills

Want to start learning or improve your knowledge about marketing? Then do it today with the HubSpot Academy! Up to 400 courses regarding the marketing basis or some insights about the last trends in this area are exact to start from!

The website structure includes different filters to find the most suitable course which covers all the needs & expectations. You can choose the categories, content type, duration, software, and level. Each option has a detailed course description, like the number of lessons, quizzes, and videos, and the overall time of the learning. Also, you will be informed about the benefits you will get from the course you have completed. And, after the course is finished, there is a useful list with similar options you might be interested in.

Taken from: https://academy.hubspot.com

The only thing you need to start learning is to sign up to access any course.

2. Company Grader – Get a Full Analysis About the Company’s Online Presence

The main target of the Company Grader is to get an analysis of the company’s online performance. It includes website knowledge, social media presence, press mentions, and the technology used for online management. To get an opinion about your website, it’s enough to enter the website domain, and you will have the answer in a while.

For instance, have a look at Wikipedia’s rate. As you can see, the typical company analysis includes the following information:

  • overview with the general information about the website;
  • search engine statistics;
  • pay-per-click and organic competitors;
  • various keywords;
  • social network mentioned;
  • list of tools detected on the website.

Taken from: https://network.hubspot.com

Being aware of all the metrics of your website, it is much easier to know its strong sides and the options to improve. Also, this information can greatly boost the process of website optimization and improve its efficiency as well.

3. Website Grader – Test Your Website Performance

Another thing that can assist you in the website optimization process is the Website Grader tool by Hubspot. First of all, that option helps to detect all the weak points you need to improve and provides a list of options you can start with. For example, you can use the Hubspot tool to verify what is the best vpn for torrenting or for other resources. Also, it helps to get the overall idea about your website metrics which implies the detailed analysis of 4 major criteria:

  • #1 Performance. It points out the crucial metrics for boosting the traffic, improving conversion rates, generating more leads, and increasing revenue as well.
  • #2 SEO. This option sets out the major tips needed to drive more organic traffic to your website.
  • #3 Mobile. Now more and more people tend to use mobile devices while browsing the Internet. So, by optimizing the website to mobile you’ll get more valuable traffic, leads, and revenue.
  • #4 Security. The security standard is crucial for the website’s efficiency. Besides, the audience, as well as the search engines, prefer using secure websites.

Additionally, you can find out the courses related to each criterion to boost your knowledge on this topic. It is a great option for website owners to learn more about the optimization processes.

However, the most important thing is located at the bottom of the page: it’s the list of recommendations on how to improve the website’s efficiency. Following those tips, you can easily define the tasks needed to be fixed on the first-come.

4. Blog Ideas Generator – Write the Unique Content

Needless to say, blogging is a must for successful website marketing, as it can not only enlarge your audience, but bring more organic traffic to the website. In addition, the well-constructed, keyword-rich, and search-engine-optimized content can benefit a brand for years. Blog posts often appear on the website list in the individual search, and that’s the key option for boosting your website efficiency.

But how can the Blog Ideas Generator assist here? Well, it takes a lot of time and effort to think over the new topic for your blog post. It must be relevant, informative, and engaging to increase the audience’s interest in your website. And the idea generator is the exact thing you need for getting some suggestions about the content of your next post.

Taken from: https://www.hubspot.com

To use this tool, just enter up to 5 keywords you want to write about, and enjoy the fresh ideas for your blog. Besides, you can also unlock a year’s worth of blog ideas and more information on how to optimize your SEO strategy.

5. Email Signature Generator – Reach Your Audience via Mailing

We believe HubSpot is more than just a digital service with various tools, as it has a strong knowledge in the inbound marketing strategies and how they can be applied to your business. Email marketing is not an exception. A HubSpot survey states that over 90% of consumers use email. With emails you can easily reach the customers in real-time, stay in contact with them, increase your brand awareness, and much more.

Nevertheless, the email signature is as important as its content. It shows your business’ prospectiveness, brands your messages, improves your brand awareness, etc. With an email signature, you can easily share your digital business card with all the contact information about the company. And, to make it more readable, just use the Email Signature Generator!

Taken from: https://www.hubspot.com/email-signature-generator

With an email generator, it is much easier to customize your signature, structure all the contact information, and even add the CTA for your audience. The basic information of the email signature includes name, post, phone number, contact email, website, and logo. Besides, you can also add small icons or links to your top two to four social media platforms. Using the HubSpot email generator, you can create a unique signature in 5 minutes. So, go & check yourself!

What Now?

As you can see, there are plenty of HubSpot tools to assist your business in managing and optimization as well. With the HubSpot Academy, it’s much easier to understand all the marketing processes and build up a powerful developing strategy. The Company Grader provides crucial metrics about your website rates, which is definitely important while creating the website development strategy. To get some suggestions on how to optimize your website performance, you can always use the Website Grader. It will also show the weak points you have to fix on the first-come. The Blog Ideas Generator is pretty useful for your website SEO processes and helps to drive more organic traffic to it. And the Email Signature Generator can become a wonderful option to boost your email marketing and enlarge the target audience as well.

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Lastly, you will optimize your marketing tools and enjoy better conversion rates. Your business will gain credibility in the long run.

All these options can greatly contribute to your website improvement and your personal growth. Try it and enjoy the great results right now!


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