5 Biotechnology Products We Use in Daily Routine

June 13, 2021

So many of you will be surprised to know that biotechnology is not only restricted to science and medical technology only. The use of biotechnology can be seen in our daily life routine. Be it your home, workplace, industry, or grocery mart.

Specifically, these are the enzymes that are used by the professionals of biotechnology to produce products which include textile products, detergents, papers, food ingredients, and many more products.

Below, we are listing 5 everyday uses of biotechnology in our lives, and let’s see how many of you are familiar with the use and not with the information.

1. Sugar 

Customarily the industrial sugar that is purposefully used for the fermentation of microbial is collected from the cereal crops. Although only a little portion of the crop is usually used within the industry because most of it is unreachable to be used for the traditional procedures. Meanwhile, the remaining portion is measured as the lignocellulosic biomass and is most of the time rejected. However, the development processes are now focusing on ways to access the sugars that are protected up within the waste-derived feedstock, for instance, the agricultural excesses, post-consumer waste, and also the forestry deposits.

2. Plastic goods 

Life sciences consulting firms claimed that the bioplastics that are made from biopolymers are already used within the industry of plastic for the sake of packaging, manufacturing of sunglasses, phone cases, and other plastic goods. Moreover, recent reports revealed that the CPI is also working to investigate many other potential applications for the products like Dyson Vaccum Cleaners.

3. Fabric Industry 

However, the manufacture of fabric in the present time in which the fermentation vat is performed is the old process of dyeing clothes. Whereas polyester is one of the synthetic polymer fibers which is manufactured from the fuels of fossil and it is used to manufacture clothes, carpets, and blankets. Besides this, there are many biochemical that is used within the production process for tanning, agents, polyester, and nylon whereas, all of these are considered important materials within the production of textiles specifically for clothing, upholstery, and carpets.

4. Foods and Drinks 

There are many products in the food and drink industry that can be produced while using the biochemical made from the bioplastics which are now, being used for packaging within the supermarkets. This counts on the fragrances, sweetener, flavor, neutraceuticals, and also Biorefineries that can extract dietary supplements and as well as the herbal products that are integrated as an ingredient in many food items.

5. Medicines 

The role of biotech consulting firms within the industry of medicine is highly significant. Medicines that are difficult to produce through other means due to the problem of purity are mostly produced by using biochemical processes. The field offers a new pathway to transform the low cost of feedstocks into increasing worth of costs.

Although this is only a chunk of information that we have provided. There are many more products and industrial goods that are manufactured through the process of biotechnology and we use the same products in our daily routine.


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