4 Outstanding Benefits of Solar Battery Storage for Your Home

March 26, 2022

Due to the ever-increasing cost of electricity, you may have thought of going independent and producing your own power. If you are one of those people then you have come to the right place. Tesla Powerwall offers you the best solar power system that also works in conjunction with your local grid. While the solar panels trap the sun’s rays for energy, they don’t store the same for later use in the absence of the sun, that’s where Tesla Powerwall battery system comes in.

There are many advantages that come with having storage for your solar produced energy; it ranges from gaining energy security to making the most out of your solar system by utilizing your own electricity at home and also helping lower your carbon footprint. 

If you were to install your home solar system today, a battery backup will be a necessity for storing your excess energy. It goes a long way in lowering your energy bills saving you money and providing your home with a constant energy supply even in a blackout.

How Solar Batteries Work

The Tesla Powerwall battery system works like any other rechargeable battery and in this case, they are recharged by your solar system or your grid. During darkness or bad weather and blackouts or outages, the home can draw the stored energy in the Powerwall for close to a week before it runs out as compared to other backup systems that can only last about a day before they require being re-serviced.

In this article, I will discuss four major benefits of solar battery storage for your own home;

1. Energy Independence

By installing a solar system in your home or business, you will stop your reliance on your utility, and in the event that it is properly done, it can be used as your main source of electricity and the grid will be your backup plan on cloudy days. A Tesla Powerwall will be a savior if you live in an area that frequently experiences blackouts or if you generally want to go off the grid. The system is sure to keep your home powered even when your neighborhood is plunged into darkness due to one problem with the grid or another.

The solar battery makes your home or business resilient when it comes to energy. You will also be having peace of mind knowing that if the grid fails, you will still have your power on.

2. Reduction of Carbon Footprint

By installing a Tesla Powerwall system coupled with solar panels, you get to use clean energy produced by the sun only when the battery runs out will you have to use the grid which produces its energy from fossil fuels.

It means that when you have a solar system with a battery storage unit, your home will be running on clean energy. You can also add a charging point for your EV so as to lower your carbon footprint much further. 

Having a Tesla Powerwall lowers your home’s carbon footprint and brings it closer to energy sufficiency. An important aspect for green enthusiasts looking at reducing pollution, a solar battery system creates far less pollution compared to fossil fuels and makes homes to consume less non-renewable energy.  

So if you are looking at going green at your home, having a solar battery system installed is an option you can consider, it will make sure that your home maintains a low carbon footprint.

3. Saving on Electricity Bills

The Tesla Powerwall will surely save your electricity bills. The amount you stand to save will majorly depend on the type of net metering in your locality.

When applying net metering, the grid provider will give you credit for the excess power your solar storage batteries will be supplying to the grid when your home produces excess power more than it can consume. This excess power is turned into credit and you can use them to offset your future utility bills. This only applies to those on none full retail net metering. 

The Powerewall can also be used to the owner’s advantage in areas that undergo time–of–use rates, these are places where the electricity provider gives tariff options depending on the time of day. With the Tesla Powerwall, you can charge your battery system during low power tariffs and use the stored energy during peak hours when electricity from the grid is most expensive, giving you greater savings on your electricity bills.

4. Silent Backup Power 

The main reason for having a Tesla Powerwall is to provide you with a power backup when the grid is experiencing challenges. Unlike the common petrol and diesel generators used by many people for backup purposes when the power goes out, solar battery systems are silent and make no noise.

The Tesla Powerwall will provide you a reliable and instant power minus the noise and air pollution that comes with running a fossil-fueled generator. You will not be worried of re-fuels as your batteries will only need the sun which is free. You just relax and let the sun do the charging as you enjoy free clean energy.

Solar systems and battery storage will not create any noise pollution and will not bother the peace in your neighborhood. It is one of the major advantages and a great one that those on gas generator backup systems should consider.


With the cost of solar batteries decreasing and with the same being predicted to continue in the future. More price drops will make batteries a worthy investment no matter your locality. Batteries are a good option for a source of electricity for homeowners who are where the grid is unreliable, have no net metering, and for those looking into going completely green to decrease their carbon footprints. 

The above reasons are a great place to start for one who has doubted the benefits of a solar battery storage system and backups. Batteries are a fantastic way of making a home energy-efficient for homeowners who have installed solar panels. It is sure to supply your energy needs for years to come with Tesla Powerwall giving you a ten-year warranty. 


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