3 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs Good Ventilation

September 16, 2021

Whether you are upgrading your current bathroom with new décor and some additional features, or are ripping it out and doing a full bathroom renovation, there are many reasons why good ventilation for this room is absolutely important. The bathroom is often the one room in the house that will get the most water use as it tends to be used on a daily basis by everybody in the family for showering, bathing, and cleaning up. It’s an essential room, but without the right ventilation in place, it can experience a lot of problems. Here are some of the main reasons to focus on good ventilation when upgrading or renovating your bathroom.

Reduce Damp Risk:

Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is going to be the most likely to suffer from damp due to the high amount of water use here. Damp can occur in many different ways but in a bathroom, it is likely to be the result of condensation, when moisture in the air travels to the colder surfaces such as the ceiling or walls and settles there. In the bathroom, dampness can lead to unsightly marks on your walls and ceiling and cause the structure to be weakened. A high-quality extractor fan from www.bpcventilation.com will ensure that the moisture in your bathroom has somewhere to go that isn’t the ceiling and walls.

Avoid Mould:

Mold can be a huge problem in bathrooms and it’s typically a result of damp that has gone untreated. As moisture collects on the walls and ceilings of your bathroom, it begins to create a perfect environment for mold spores to thrive. Along with the walls and ceilings, you might also notice mold growing in different areas of your bathroom where organic matter and moisture is present such as the grout between bathroom tiles and on wooden structures and floorboards. Along with being unsightly to look at, mold can lead to a wide range of problems that most people would rather avoid, including weakening of structures and health problems. Mould can spread quickly and often grows in areas where it is not noticeable until it’s a bigger problem, so avoiding it with good ventilation is key.

Improve Your Health:

Preventing dampness and mold with a good bathroom ventilation system will not only keep your home looking great and in better condition for longer, but it can also have a very positive impact on your health, helping you avoid some of the common health problems that are often a result of these issues. Mould in particular can be very harmful to the respiratory system and can make somebody who already has respiratory problems such as asthma very sick. In addition, people can be allergic to mold which can lead to skin problems and other health issues that can make life at home a nightmare.

If you only do one thing to update your bathroom, getting a good ventilation system installed is the best choice. This will help you avoid common damp and mold problems, keep the room looking great and help you avoid health problems.


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