3 Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Rental Properties

October 2, 2023

Managing rental properties is much different than managing a typical house. When renting out your home, you must work it out effectively, or it can cause big headaches.

Rents can climb in value. However, repairs made and evacuations filled in can cause issues if not maintained. Managing a rental property also often requires more time, effort, and money.

Below are common mistakes to avoid when managing your properties. Read on.

1. Overlooking Maintenance

Neglecting necessary repairs and maintenance can lead to costly and time-consuming repairs. Tenants expect and deserve a habitable and well-maintained property. Failure to provide this can lead to unhappy tenants and negative reviews.

Landlords need to stay on top of regular maintenance tasks such as:

  • HVAC servicing
  • Plumbing inspections
  • Landscaping

This will help avoid major issues down the line. Addressing maintenance can save tenants and landlords time and money.

2. Neglecting Tenant Screening

In a rush to fill vacancies, some landlords may skip screening potential tenants. This leads to many problems down the line.

By not conducting background and credit checks, landlords risk renting to tenants with a history of non-payment. This may also lead to damaging rental properties.

Not checking for references can result in problematic tenants who may cause disturbances or fail to maintain the property. Taking the time to screen tenants can save landlords from costly evictions and damages to their rental properties.

It is vital to focus on tenant screening to ensure a successful and stress-free rental property management experience.

3. Underestimating Expenses

It can be tempting to focus solely on the rental income and neglect to factor in potential costs, such as:


It is essential not to overspend on unnecessary upgrades. Careful planning and budgeting can help keep maintenance costs manageable. This ensures a positive return on investment for rental properties.


Many landlords make the mistake of not setting aside enough funds for unexpected repairs. This leads to financial strain and delays. Budgeting for repairs and having a reserve fund to cover any unforeseen problems is essential.


Vacancies can arise from various reasons, such as delayed maintenance, high rental rates, or poor marketing strategies. Landlords must have a plan to minimize these vacancies and the associated costs.

Set competitive rental rates and utilize effective marketing techniques to attract and retain tenants. Not accounting for these expenses can quickly lead to financial strain and, ultimately, a loss of profit.

Conducting thorough research and creating a realistic budget considering all potential costs is essential. You can get help from professional consultants, like Yardi Consultants, to help with your accounting and bookkeeping.

Avoid These Mistakes When Managing Rental Properties

Managing rental properties can be a challenging task. However, avoiding common mistakes can make the process much smoother.

By not being vigilant with tenant screening, neglecting property maintenance, and being unorganized with finances, landlords can end up facing severe consequences.

Take the necessary steps to avoid these mistakes and ensure a successful rental management experience. Don’t let these blunders sabotage your investment.

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