10 Tips on Using CBD Vape Juice

October 22, 2021

According to market analysis, the market of CBD vape juice will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22.25% between the year 2020 and 2027. Also, its value can reach as high as USD 28.05 Billion by 2027.

CBD vape juice is relatively a new form of CBD than oil and most other CBD forms. But its benefits and ease of use have soon made it popular among the youths.

Through this article, you will know about the tips to use CBD vape juice embedded with tons of information, vital to know before vaping.

Tips to Vape CBD Juice

Call it vape CBD juice, CBD Vape Juice, CBD vape oil, or CBD E-liquid all signify similar things. Various online platforms provide vape juice. However, you should also know the techniques to vape. Otherwise, you might fail to get maximum benefits.

Here are a few tips to help you

Tip 1. Understand the Working of Vaping

Before moving to the step ahead, you should understand the working of a vaporizer. A vaporizer consists of four primary parts. They are:

  • Battery
  • Heating Element
  • Tank
  • CBD Vape Juice

As soon as the circuit within gets closed, the battery transfers heat to the heating element within the tank. The heat reaches the tank, making it hot. The Juice inside it starts turning into vapors. When you draw the cartridge vapor, it goes down your lungs. The CBD and other compounds mix with the bloodstream.

The solutions used in Juice are similar to Nicotine-liquid but without Nicotine. There are various flavors mixed with vape juice to make it tasty for you. You can buy a wide variety of these flavors online.

Tip 2. Choose Your Vapourizer Carefully

There are different kinds of vaporizers present in the market. Some of them are:

  1. Disposable CBD Vape Pens- They are tiny pens with cigarette style. They are lightweight. Thus, it is easy to handle. It comes with an inbuilt battery, coil, and pre-filled CBD oil or Juice. You can get around 100 puffs before disposing of them.
  2. CBD Oil Cartridges- These are also pre-filled, with CBD distillate or CBD vape juice, cylindrical-shaped tanks. To use it, you need a thread battery or CBD vape pen that goes with your cartridges. They hold approximately 0.5 ml to 1 ml juice.
  3. CBD Pods- They are one of the most famous vaporizers. It is similar to cartridges but with a twist. They go well with JUUL Battery. The users can swap between nicotine and CBD liquids comfortably.

Other types of vaporizers include refillable CBD vape pens and pod vapes. You should look for what suits you best.

Tip 3. Begin with an easy one, take shift gradually

You know the various types of vaporizers available in the market. However, if you are a beginner, try to use the ones that are easy to handle. Disposable CBD vape pens are considered the easiest way to vape CBD, succeeded by CBD oil cartridges.

Once you are an expert with disposable pens and cartridges, you can turn to Pods and refillable CBD vape pens.

Tip 4. Understand the Ingredients of CBD Juices

You need to know the things included in CBD Vape juices. They are:

  1. Propylene Glycol- PG is a clear, thinner, synthetically made fluid. It gives a hard throat hit. It is FDA-approved, safe for human substances. However, it is flavorless. That means it does not hide the taste of added flavors or terpenes in the Juice. Instead, it highlights it.
  2. Vegetable Glycerin- VG is a relatively thicker, natural substance. It contains a sweet flavor. It is the primary reason behind the ‘clouds’ formed during vaping.
  3. CBD- The last ingredient is responsible for the health benefits of vaping. CBD extracts the cannabis Sativa plant that does not make you high ( like other cannabinoids like THC).

Tip 5. Choose the PG-VG Ratio Carefully

You know that vape juice contains both VG and PG in a specific ratio. Choose according to your requirement.

  • If you want clouds, go for a high VG ratio.
  • If you want a good throat hit, go for a high PG ratio.
  • If you are allergic to PG, go with a high VG ratio.

Tip 6. Choose Your CBD Wisely

There are two types of CBD present in Vape juices. They are:

  1. Isolated CBD- These contain only CBD in isolated form. This means that no other cannabinoids, melatonin, flavonoids, and terpenes are present.
  2. Full-spectrum CBD- They contain a range of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc. All these products together multiply the effect of CBD.

You can choose any of the above according to your needs.

Tip 7. Understand the Potency of Your CBD Refill

Most CBD refiles hold 30 ml liquid. Their potency varies from 500 to 1200 mg. The bottle with 500mg and 1200mg potency gives 16.7mg and 40mg of CBD per ml, respectively. This information will help you to determine your dosages.

Tip 8. Determine Your Dosage

A vital part of vaping is determining your dosages. It depends on various factors like

  • Bodyweight
  • Any prior or ongoing Medical condition
  • The severity of your condition

These things drastically affect your dosages. In the beginning, it is better to go for less dose and gradually shift according to the improvements and requirements.

Tip 9. Bring Flexibility in Your Dose

A key benefit of vaping is the flexibility it provides. You know the potency of CBD per ml. Thus, you can smoothly adjust your dosages. For example, if you are suffering from pain, you can vape around 1 ml of liquid. Then you can wait for the results. After 25-30 mins, you can vape another 1 ml if you do not get the desired result. It also avoids the risk of overdosing.

Tip 10. Read the Instructions Carefully

If you use a disposable vape pen, you might ignore this step as they are easy to use. However, if you are using a refillable one, make sure you read the instructions. It will help you to fill the Juice accurately and enjoy your vaping experience.


If you want to begin your CBD journey, vaping is probably best for you. Initially, you might face challenges but using these tips; you will overcome them easily.


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