10 Tips For Productive Online Learning

May 4, 2021

With the advent of the Internet, distance learning has become popular among students and has opened up new opportunities for people with busy work schedules. A few years ago, many people perceived distance learning to gain additional skills or prepare for exams. Today, students can pursue higher education by enrolling in prestigious online colleges with special certifications and a curriculum. Thus, students can study sciences from different countries, from anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you have chosen online education, use our tips to make your education more productive.

Organize a Study Area

If you have classmates, friends, or family living with you in a dorm, room, or apartment, try setting aside a work area for learning. Even if this zone will be temporary every time you use it, it is worth placing books, laptops, and other objects around you that motivate you to learn.

It is essential to make your workplace comfortable. Arrange with the people around you when you are in the study area so that no one will disturb you. If your study space is a kitchen table, try to agree that it is only yours for a set period. According to Ruth Lupton’s “How does place affect education?” setting can enhance studying science.

Follow Order

It is challenging to be disciplined and consistently study at home, and even more complicated if the room is littered with unnecessary things. For example, if you have many dishes or clothes around you, it will be difficult for you to concentrate on your studies.

Alternatively, you can set a timer for fifteen minutes and do a quick cleaning of the room. It is better to clear the area before starting work than to be distracted by unnecessary items during training.

Do Not be Afraid Ask Help

Even if you have a powerful computer and fast Wi-Fi, some information can be challenging to find. In addition, during quarantine, all students do not have access to libraries, laboratories, and daily consultations with the lecturer about the material. Since, while studying at home, you may not understand a specific part of the material, there is nothing wrong with ordering custom papers. One of the reliable written services is Study Bay. The company has been providing academic assistance to students for many years and making them more successful.

Set Yourself Micro Goals

Small goals do not mean that they are less critical, or you can ignore them for a long time. It happens that the first step is the hardest part. A micro goal might be to write one line of code without errors. For a professional, this does not mean anything. However, this achievement at the first stage is minimal but so crucial for many beginners. Micro goals may take you one hour to complete, but they will lead you to a more complex solution.

Allocate Enough Time To Sleep

It is challenging to study and work. The brain learns in sleep. The brain is more active every night than during the day when he is awake. The brain sorts information at night and forms stable neural connections, strengthening skills for a long time. Michael W Young, who won the joint Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2017 for his work on clock genes, explains that it is essential for people to recreate a rhythmic environment for optimal functioning – whether at school, at work, or in other areas of life. This approach will allow you to work productively in any area.

Consolidate Knowledge

The most productive method of consolidating knowledge and skills is to record the process, the result, share them on the blog, in your Telegram channel, on social networks. Try to retell what you have learned so that your friends, the audience of social networks can become an accumulator of interest, ask questions, see new abilities in you, and sometimes act as an independent motive for new knowledge. But it is more important to achieve articulatory thinking when the formulation of your thought about an object allows you to understand it better. And until you start retelling what you have learned to others, you will not figure it out yourself.

Half of the Work This is The Same Result

If you have done only half of the work and sent the document to the storage, this isn’t good. In teaching, it is essential to show the process, intermediate attempts, unfinished tasks. Do not hesitate, do not become isolated, do not torment yourself with criticism. Show the group, teacher, friends, colleagues what you are working on in training. Sometimes unfinished work in the learning process is the most critical signal about your development. It is difficult to study until the moment you start to enter the state of “streaming doing” – this is when you stop noticing time and stimuli but strive to delve into the work more, do not lose connection with the task. At this stage, any sketch of any unfinished work already carries inner strength and impulse, which must be recorded and discussed with colleagues and teachers.

Plan Your Day

It can be dangerous to postpone watching your recorded lectures until later. Make sure you pay enough attention to the lectures and explanations of the professor. Do not watch the instructional video while eating or listening to music.

Allocate the same amount of time to study at home as you spend lecturing at a university or college. If you feel tired or not feeling well, take a break and do some exercise or household chores. When you feel better, return to learning.

Control Your Time

Recognize that different tasks require different levels of concentration and time to complete. For example, watching a video lecture may be easier than reading complex text and taking notes. Therefore, it is important to divide the work on the task into time intervals and take appropriate breaks every hour and a half.


Take lectures with you for your walk. While you are walking, listen. You can watch a couple of lessons in the cafe, remind yourself of a few tasks, over a cup of tea. Learning is work, but it should bring the joy of a fulfilling life. Concentrating on your studies does not exclude an active life. Wherever there is the Internet, there is online education.


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