Preparing A Presentation That Represents The Goals Of Your Company? Here Are 10 Things To Keep In Mind

December 17, 2020

A successful presentation is not just comprised of a series of slides. It is much more than that. Preparation is a key aspect of delivering a powerful presentation.

You might need to present to potential clients, venture capitalists, or senior management at your company. You must create an impression that makes you stand out from any other potential competitors.

Here are ten things to focus on while delivering a presentation:-

Establish Your Credibility Early 

The audiences only listen to those people who they take to be reliable. Hence, it is wise to establish your credibility upfront. You can share a story about your background related to the topic you are going to speak about.

You can also share an experience that played a role in your presentation to any extent. The objective is to present yourself as a trustworthy source of information.

Start Strong

After establishing your credibility, it is time for you to set the tone of your presentation. Audiences have a low attention span, and you need to keep them entertained to have their attention.

You could start your presentation with a statistic that surprises them. Starting off with a quote that makes your listeners think is also a good idea. A catchy image or an interesting video for sales can also do the trick for you.

You can make these videos and use free video editing software to make an enticing video.

Set Goals For Your Presentation

Include goals early in your presentation. These are the goals you hope to meet during your presentation. When your audience is aware of your goals, their attention to what you have to say increases.

It also tells them why they should listen to you. It presents the benefits they might be getting by paying attention. As the goals are met during the presentation, it makes both you and your audience feel a sense of achievement, purpose, and progress.

When your listeners are concentrating, it helps them remember integral aspects of your business. It also ensures that your Q and A sessions are fruitful. 

Setting up goals ensures that you stay on track for your presentation. It helps in not getting your focus diverted from the main objectives.

Show Enthusiasm

The vibes you pass onto your audience affect their attitude towards your presentation. If you do not seem interested and are tired while speaking, you may lose your audience’s attention. They may feel the same way you are feeling.

People listening to you must feel that you are passionate about the topic you are presenting. Your body language will reflect this. The way you speak, the way you walk, and make eye contact with people are important.

Keep yourself energized before a business presentation. Have ample water, and always keep a bottle with you during the presentation. Keep yourself focused on doing exercises and meditation

A confident display by you goes a long way in convincing your audiences.

Involve Your Audience 

More often than not, business presentations get boring if only one person keeps speaking. You need to remember that you can not lose your audience’s attention. 

Involve them by striking a conversation every while and then. You can ask questions and ask for their feedback. The key is to keep the presentation intriguing enough that your audience remains attentive.

Interact With Them

Asking thought-provoking questions are also useful. Give them time to think and come up with their answers. Finally, you can present the information you were going to.

This is an effective way of involving your audience and conveying information. Make sure to consider your audience and the things they might wonder about. This will not only help you frame questions but also answer them for your listeners.

Use Colorful and Catchy Visual Aids

Visual aids help people retain information for a longer duration. You can make use of them in your presentation to convey your messages effectively.

Pictures and videos can help your audience grasp the information quickly. Flowcharts help to summarize big and complex topics. 

To make numbers look intriguing, you can make use of some data visualization tools. Data visualization tools such as bar charts and pie charts help people understand the numbers easily.  

Make Startling Statements

You can make surprising and shocking statements every now and then during your presentation. Shocking your audience will make them focus on what you have to say. 

After making the statement, make sure to back it up with sufficient information. It helps you to emphasize your points. It makes your audience think because any surprising fact challenges their existing beliefs. 

Be Prepared for Difficult Questions

Questions coming up is a certainty. Your audience may ask you these questions either during the presentation or during the Q and A session. You must be prepared for the difficult ones. 

You should do thorough research on the topic you are presenting. You must plan for every type of question from every section of your presentation. Consider all the objections your audience might raise and be prepared to face them if asked.

People will put their faith in you and your company when they see confidence in you. When they notice that you know what you are doing and are good at it, they will give you credibility.

Prepare Your Questions if Nobody Asks You One

You need to allow some time after your presentation for a Q and A session. This session will help your audience clear any doubts they have and understand your topic even better. 

However, it may well happen that you do not get any questions from the audience. In that case, you should be ready with your questions. These questions should be from important and critical sections in your presentation.

This helps your audience understand better. It also shows you as a well-prepared presenter. Even if you get questions at the Q and A session, you should present your own after the session.

In Conclusion

Delivering presentations can be tricky. However, if you follow the tips mentioned here, it can get easier for you. Make your presentation interesting by adding videos and more interesting theories. 

If you stay confident and steady then you are sure to ace any presentation.


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