10 Remote Ways to Make Extra Money

September 10, 2022

If you’re in search of some extra money, consider starting a remote side business. You won’t have to go to an office – and you might not even have to leave your house. You won’t have to make a major commitment. And yet, you might be able to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month with these activities.

What are the best ways to make extra money remotely? And how can you get started?

Remote Ways to Make Extra Money

These are some of the easiest and most profitable ways to make extra money.

1. Bookkeeping and accounting. If you’re good with numbers, start a bookkeeping business. Bookkeeping and accounting are always in demand since they are practical needs of almost any conceivable business. Plus, it’s not hard or time-consuming to learn the basics of these financial practices. Once you get the credentials necessary to practice bookkeeping in real-time, you can start a small business of your own and start serving real customers for real money.

2. Freelance writing. If you’re better with words, you might try your hand at freelance writing. You don’t need any formal education or training to start writing freelance articles; you can simply start finding clients and begin if your writing is strong enough. Depending on your goals and your skills, you could write journalistic articles, articles for SEO, or more niche projects for specific audiences.

3. Freelance photography. Have you always dreamed about being a photographer? You can probably sell your photos for a premium. Depending on your priorities, you could sell photo shoots to individuals and businesses or you can take generic photos and sell them as stock photography.

4. Live streaming. Top Twitch streamers make millions of dollars per year. Obviously, these are outliers, and the majority of Twitch streamers never make enough money to become full-time. However, if you find a solid niche for yourself, and you’re dedicated enough to stream consistently, this could be a promising way to earn some extra dollars.

5. Virtual courses. Do you have a skill or an area of knowledge that most people don’t have? Consider starting your own course. Most people interested in picking up these skills would be willing to pay you to share your knowledge with them.

6. Virtual assistant work. It’s also possible to become a virtual assistant, helping professionals remotely with miscellaneous tasks. It’s not glamorous work, but it’s always in demand and it pays relatively well.

7. Reselling/drop shipping. Reselling and drop shipping are two different, yet related concepts. If you set up your own website, you could potentially resell existing items and assets for a slightly higher price than what you currently pay; you keep the profits and all you have to do is keep the site running to generate more sales.

8. Content creation and advertising. You can become a content creator in a number of different ways, starting your own blog or video series. Once you generate enough interest and a consistent enough audience, you can monetize your content with the help of advertising and affiliate links.

9. Online item sales. If you’re willing to put in a bit more work, you can start your own business selling things online. This could include art, crafts, and other things you make – or you could sell random items around your house and interesting things you pick up at thrift stores and garage sales.

10. Investing. Finally, consider making extra money through investing. Certain stocks pay dividends, a form of profit distribution, giving you an immediate stream of income with almost no work necessary. If investing in stocks doesn’t sound appealing to you, you could invest in a rental property and manage it remotely with the help of a property management company. Again, this requires little work on your part, but it should make you a handsome stream of extra income. The only caveat to investing is that you’ll need some initial capital – but you can make this capital with the other items on this list.

Diversifying Your Income

If you want to set yourself up for a better financial future, one of the best things you can do is diversify your income. In other words, tried to make money from multiple sources simultaneously. That means picking up multiple side gigs, fleshing out your skills in multiple different areas, and investing in different types of income-generating assets. This way, if you suffer significant losses in any single area, you’ll have plenty of other areas to make up for the difference.

Any individual strategy to make extra money remotely will help you achieve your financial goals. If you pursue several of these strategies at once, assuming you can manage your time effectively, you can see even better results.


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