10 Disturbing Ways Drug Abuse And Alcohol Addiction Affects An Individual

May 25, 2022

If you are wondering what ways drug abuse and alcohol addiction can affect a person, this guide will be helpful. There are ten ways that it can happen. It’s important that you may know someone who may be abusing drugs or alcohol.

No matter what stage they are in, getting them the help they need is important. Drug and alcohol addiction is treatable. It is important that you’ll want to make sure the person you love gets it done as soon as possible.

They could refuse it and continue their ways. Which is why the sooner an intervention can be done, the better. With that said, let’s take a look now at the 10 ways drug abuse and alcohol addiction can affect someone.

Personal relationships are in bad shape

Starting off, personal relationships will be in the worst shape between someone who may be abusing drugs or alcohol. This can be due to the fact that a person could be choosing their vices over their relationships with the people they love. They can’t seem to get through the day without having to deal with a person being high or drunk all the time.

Then, that person could become irritable and exhibit erratic behaviors that could make other people around them feel unsafe and even scared. This can also lead to violent altercations that may involve law enforcement (especially in domestic situations).

They don’t take the best care of themselves

Someone who may be addicted to drugs and alcohol will not have the best ability to take care of themselves. They may go without the basic hygienic tasks. That’s because they would rather escape from reality rather than deal with any kind of basic responsibilities.

They will look disheveled and unsightly. Individuals that may encounter people like this may need to steer clear from them because of how they look and smell. It’s one of the many unfortunate reasons why a drug or alcohol addiction needs to be dealt with in the best and quickest way possible.

They may lose trust in other people

This ties into the personal relationships being strained. They may start lying to people about their plans and intentions. It could also mean that they’ll resort to stealing from others and sell the items for more drugs or alcohol.

When confronted, they will lose trust in the people they know. Such trust may take a lot of time to rebuild, even after someone with a drug and alcohol addiction has been treated. That’s why it is important to make sure an intervention is done on someone sooner rather than later.

Because the deeper they go into their addiction, things can get worse.

Erratic behaviors

When they are going through withdrawals, under the influence, or in between hits, their behavior can become erratic. This can not only put their personal safety at risk, but also the same can be said about the people around them. They could be driving while under the influence or even intoxicated.

This kind of behavior can put themselves and other people at risk. Serious injury or death could occur as a result. It’s another reason why DUI laws exist because it protects other people and yes, even the person addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Erratic behavior can occur at any time for someone who may be abusing drugs or alcohol. When that happens, it’s important to keep a safe distance from them. Helping them may be possible, but use extreme caution should you consider the option.

Poor work performance

When a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it may be possible that their performance at work will suffer. They may behave in a way where they may be insubordinate to their superiors when asked to do a certain task.

They may also behave erratically and draw concern to their co-workers. Relating to their job, they may even miss work repeatedly because they are hungover or dealing with drug withdrawals. This can result in job loss, which can put a person in financial jeopardy even though they are spending money on drugs and alcohol.

Financial difficulties they might not get out of

So long as they are dealing with an addiction, they’ll need the money to fuel it. They will be unaware of the financial hole they may be digging themselves. However, they won’t be able to realize how deep it is until later on.

They’ll find themselves in debt, losing everything, and may end up in a situation where they have no place to live. It is critical to make sure that someone should get the help they need before they have no money left.

They won’t be able to make the rent or mortgage payments. They may have things repossessed. Their financial situation will be very difficult to get out of, even if they’ve long sobered up.

They may engage in risky behavior

While under the influence or in need of drugs and alcohol, persons can find themselves engaging in risky behaviors. Oftentimes, this can get a person seriously injured or killed. Some may even engage in risky sexual activities that may result in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

It reaches a point where someone can do anything for their alcohol or drug of choice.

They could face criminal penalties

While drug and alcohol abuse are not crimes themselves, it can lead to them committing illegal acts. This can include driving while intoxicated, domestic violence, aggravated assault, child abuse, and other criminal activities.

That’s because they are not in the right frame of mind. They are not aware that what they are doing is wrong. For this reason, making sure they quit drugs and alcohol is key.

Because a criminal record could bar them from future jobs or anything else they may need in life.

They may engage in suicidal behavior

Depending on whether they are intoxicated or dealing with the after-effects, they may engage in behavior that could cause them to commit suicide without thinking about it. They can feel depressed, hopeless, and believing that life may be futile.

Unfortunately, this can happen to someone who is in an altered state of mind. It would be best to get them to safety before it’s too late. Especially if you are aware if they have suicidal tendencies.

Their appearance will be unrecognizable

When addicted to drugs and alcohol, they may experience noticeable changes in their appearance. People who know them well may notice this and it can get to the point where they may not recognize them at all.


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