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April 19, 2020

Do you have a knack for making beats and composing your own music? If yes, then you need to check out this article on 10 best beat making software for 2020. This software will help you polish your talent and create master-piece of your own. There are some music programs that are expensive and so and might not suit your budget. And so for all of you who don’t want to give up on their passion for music, this article will help you.

These software’ are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, so you can go ahead with any of these and start your music career.

What is Beat Making Software?

Creating a piece of music is all about beat making. When we use different instruments to generate music then it means that we are producing beats. But composing music can be difficult when we don’t have people and instruments available with us. In such case what are the different options? If this situation appeared in older times, then it would have been a problem. But today with the development of beat making software you can easily produce beats.

So what is beat making software? And how does it work? It is a program that works on drum machines, midi sequencing programmed instruments and synthesizers. You can use this software to compose new music, and all you need to do is take different sequences and compose and manage your new musical tracks. If you wish to create music on your accord then you can check out the services of various beat making software.

10 Best Beat Making software of 2020

It’s time not to let budget and other issues come in your way of composing music. Let’s get started with some of the best online free beat making software of 2020.

Magix Music Maker

One of the most popular software for fabricating beats is Magix Music Maker. If you are a beginner and have an idea for a music piece then you can check out this app for sure. It is widely used across the world.

The first go-to app used by people who are entering the music industry and are new to beats and tunes is Magix Music Maker. Designed specifically for the Windows platform, the app offers several useful and developed functionalities. It is the only app you need to produce impressive beats and sound effects.

You can run the app on a 2GB RAM and 521 MB graphic card device effortlessly and produce sounds of their taste. And for those who have only a rough idea about tunes and sound, then the music tutorial that comes with the software will help you. And so it is one of the best music making app for PC.


MuseScore is one more beat making software of 2020 that is available for free and supports both Windows and Mac devices. The interface of the app is easy and simple, such that even if you are a beginner you will be able to create your own music easily. It offers a lot of tools and options for free working of the user without any issue.

With a few clicks, you can start with MuseScore and produce sounds and beats. It also allows the user to save their file in the desired format. If you are starting in the industry, then it’s a must-try.

FL Studios

Beat music is the in-thing right now and you can polish your skills with FL Studios application. The software will help you turn your musical ideas into outstanding music numbers. And soon you will be able to capitalize your music love. A highly trusted app by professionals, the FL Studios is designed for all.

It is one of the best beat making software that improves the quality of your song by adding the right beats and sound effects. You can check out the work of your ideals as well. it is a fantastic tool to create tracks, beats, tunes and music.

Ableton Live

Have you heard of Abelton Live? It is another free music making software to use in 20020. The software is compatible with Windows devices only. It offers a free trial version and so you can always opt for it and get satisfied before you move to the paid version.

Visit the official website of Abelton Live and download the app and enjoy the premium features and offerings. With the help of this application, you can enjoy the music studio experience at your home. It’s an exceptionally easy to use music making software that you should try to generate awesome beats.


You can create some unique music pieces with the help of several optimized and advanced features. This is offered by orDrumbox. It promises effortless usage all thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly interface.

It is one app that works with Windows and Mac devices along with the Linux Operating system. It ensures seamless working and editing of music and beat files, and then saving the final copy. Another added advantage of using orDrumbox is that you can upload your music on the site for others to view and rate it. OrDrumbox offers some extraordinary features making it one of the best and most looked up app amongst the music lovers.


The next app in our list of best free beat making software is Hydrogen. With this app you can create beats and compose music for free. The app is compatible with Windows as well as Mac devices. It offers its users a lot of tool and powerful functionalities that makes music making a lot easy.

It lets you create various files in various formats. You can save your files in any format that you like. Hydrogen supports WMV, MP3 like various music format. So don’t wait much and get started now. Go and download the Hydrogen app and try to create your own beats and music.

Drum Flow

Another free beat making software available online is Drum Flow. It is considered as the best option for beginners to create their own beats and music. The best part of the software is that it is available for free and hosts a library of sample music that you can use as a standard or take its help while creating your own beats or music.

Drum Flow comes is designed with a user-friendly interface with easy to understand features and services such that you can use the app without any issue or problem. Within a few minutes, you will be able to compose a piece of your own and save the file in any format you want.


The next beat maker is Garageband. It is an impressive tool that helps the user create stunning sound and music beats. The app comes with incredible graphic user-interface and some remarkable features.

One of the downsides of the app is that it is available only for the Mac platform. You get a detailed guidebook along with the software that will guide you to use and learn the guitar and keyboard. You can also learn to remove the unwanted sound and reduce noise extortion. In addition, you can also set the equalizers and sale the bass volume wherever required. If you are a Mac user, then it is definitely a good option for you.


LMMS is the next free and excellent beats making software for Windows, Linux as well as Mac-like Operating Systems. If you are in search of such software then LMMS is the best pick for you.

LMMS provides an average level of graphics interface but its functionalities and features are exclusive. These features and its compatibility with all platforms compensate for its downsides. If you are a beginner then its voluminous databases hosting sample tunes can help you create beats and record music. You can download your final music in different formats like Wav, OGG, etc.

HammerHead Rhythm Station

The last robust music making software which is designed for both beginners as well as for professionals is the HammerHead. This Rhythm Station helps you create music tunes with no difficulty. The software is compatible with all the devices running on Windows and comes with tons of music composing choices.

HammerHead has a simpler and user-friendly interface as compared to the others, and anyone, say a beginner can also use it easily, without facing any problems. The beats you create using the software can be exported and converted to various formats.

Wrapping Up

We did deep research on the best free beat making software of 202 and here are some of the top-class apps that are good for both beginners as well as professionals. You can polish your music skills and create your own masterpiece using different beats and sounds. If you are passionate about composing music, then do try one of these. Also, share your experience with any music making software with us.




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