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November 11, 2020

There are various default IP addresses assigned to different routers. Some of the commonly used IP addresses that you would have heard about are and But today we are going to talk about another common IP address- Usually, it is mistaken as, which looks similar but is not. As we all know that an IP address is made up of four eight-bit numbers, IP address is wrong and should not be mixed. This IP address is considered as the default IP address of Comcast Company, a leading telecom service provider. So if you are using a Comcast router then check out this complete guide on Router login and how you can configure and set up router creating your own network.

What is or IP Address

The IP address is a part of the private IP addresses 24-bit block. It is a special router IP address as you can use it more than once. This class A IP address is basically used for local area networks (LANs). As it is a private IP address, one cannot route it through the Internet. However, this doesn’t make these devices useless.

According to the Internet, IP address is one of the well-known private IP address as it hasn’t collapsed till now. In the IPv4 communications protocol, you will find approximately 4 billion IP addresses. It is one of the first regional Internet Registry run and core protocols of the Internet’s standards-based internet-working methods out of the freely allocated IPv4 addresses, as of 2011.

And from then, the Internet providers and network administrators have been relying on other methods of remapping space of one IP address into another and using like private IP addresses as substitutes for the commonly used public IP addresses.

How to Login Xfinity Comcast Router?

If you are using the Xfinity Comcast router then it’s very easy to log in. There are basically three simple steps by which you can perform router login.

Step 1- To begin with, connect your router to the PC via an Ethernet cable. If you want you can also connect it wirelessly.

Step 2- Now open any browser and in the address bar, type the following IP address- or This will help you open the Comcast router login screen.

Note- Make sure you are accessing the login page. Check if you have made any typo error by browsing the login page as it doesn’t exist.

These are some of the default Comcast IP address that will help you log in. Try any one of these, but if it doesn’t work then check the Comcast manual to look for the default IP address.

Step 3- Now enter the login credentials- a valid username and password. The default login credentials are same for a particular router and so you can try one of the default credentials given below. But in case you have changed it, then you will need to enter the same to login.

After entering the correct details, you will be redirected to the main page of the router configuration. Here you can change the settings or configure the router as per your needs.

Default Router Login and Password

As every router come with different combinations of default login username and password, here are some set of login credentials that you can try for or router login.

Login Password
admin admin
admin [none]
admin password
[none] [none]
root [none]
administrator [none]
root root
[none] admin
recovery recovery
administrator password

The list of the combinations of username and password is endless, but these are the top 10 username/password combinations.

How to Fix IP Connection Issues?

  • Wrong IP address: there are chances that while typing the IP address you make a typo error. Even experienced network administrators type the wrong IP address, instead of But as we mentioned before all the IP address belonging to the IPv4 protocol consists of only four numbers, not three or five or ten. Also in case you have changed the IP address of your router previously, but do not remember the new one, then restoring the router settings to default is the only option. A restore button at the back of the router will help you to do a hard reset of the router, followed by Comcast router login.
  • No direct connection: From security point of view it is important to use an Ethernet cable. As only those routers can be accessed via the IP address which is connected directly through the cable. While you can change this property in some routers, most of them don’t. You can go with a long Ethernet cable as it costs nothing much, and most of the desktops are equipped with a port for Ethernet cable. In the case of laptops, a USB adapter can also solve the issue.
  • Wrong username and password: All the private and public routers are under password protection so as to keep your network connection secure. It prevents the strangers from altering your settings and accessing the Internet connection, therefore doesn’t compromise on your security.

What if I Forgot the Username and Password?

The default router login credentials include only a set of username/password combinations. But in case you had changed the credentials, then only two things can be done.

  • If you have changed your login username or password before, the router login using the information given in the table above will not work. Therefore, we would recommend you to reset the router first. After the modem is reset to factory settings, you can use the default username/password when it is prompted.
  • In case you haven’t made any changes to the username or password before, then you can check the default login credentials mentioned in the table above. I’m sure that one of them will work for you.

Wrapping Up

Okay, so by just typing your IP address in the address bar you can enter the router login page and make the required changes. The default IP address of some of the router’s especially Infinity Comcast router is, and we hope that this article was helpful to complete the router login process. In case of any queries, just use the comment section.


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